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Please note, we receive new semi loads of hay weekly,

so this information is subject to change.

This page is updated with any and all changes to our hay inventory as they happen.

Small Bales

Timothy from Westcliffe

55+lbs 15.00$ each

Teff from Mclave

60+ lbs 17$ each

2023 3rd cut Alfalfa (dense and heavy bales)

70+ lbs 16.50$ each

Orchard grass Alfalfa Mix

60+ lbs 17.00

Straw       10$


Chaffhaye 50lb bag: $20.50

Big Bales (very nice cuts)

Saguache 3x4 mountain grass           1000+lb  210$


Westcliffe 3x3 Timothy                       Out more around 12/6

                      Monte Vista

Brome/Meadow Alfalfa Mix 3x3             750+lb 180$

Monte Vista Brome/Meadow             700+lb 155$

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