the Hay House



Designed and created by our owner, Nathan Hall, the Hay House allows for constant, restricted access to forage. The custom built net, with a hole size that suits your individual horse's eating habits, hangs off of the ground in a sturdy, yet easy to access shelter. Horses learn to eat from the bottom of the bag, using the its natural give to assist them in gently pulling hay through the holes in the same manner that they would pull grass shoots from the roots. This simulated grazing greatly improves the health and demeanor of your horse, promoting active digestive movement, and reduces the need for expensive commercial grains.

Ordering Info:


- Please stop in to Divide Feed to order.


- $375 +tax - includes: full double bolted frame, angled hinged lid (locking mechanism available upon request), & custom built net in chosen hole size (1.75" or 1.25")


- Hay Houses are not in stock & ready to pick up.


- Each feeder is made-to-order & hand built from scratch by Nathan himself.


- Build time is 2-4 weeks once your feeder reaches the front of the production line. (A more accurate estimate of wait time can be provided when ordering and full wait time may be up to 3 months depending on demand and time of year.)