• Lara Rose

Why You Should be Fermenting at Home

We all know that eating fresh fruits and veggies is a super healthy habit; but did you know that you can make them even healthier by preserving them? Through lacto fermenting, you can add enzymes, probiotics, and some fun funky flavor to that cabbage you bought for one recipe having completely underestimated the volume one little head holds. In case the allure of not having produce rotting in your crisper hasn’t sold you on it, here are some really convincing health benefits of eating fermented foods:

1. Supercharge your Digestive System:

Fermented foods are enzyme-rich, so they’ll work with the enzymes your body makes on its own to digest your food extra efficiently.

2. Enhance Bioavailability:

The nutrients present in the foods you eat will be much more available; because your body will have more time to absorb and synthesize them, due to the increased speed of digestion.

3. Fewer Tummy Troubles:

Your gastrointestinal system will be super functional, meaning fewer mishaps.

4. Un-inflame Yourself:

Fermented foods boost anti-inflammatory cytokines which regulate inflammation in the gut, and elsewhere in your body.

5. Anti-hypertensive Effects:

Fermented foods and probiotics have been linked to reduced blood pressure.

6. Boost your Immune System:

The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods help your body fight infections, as your immune system is influenced by the amount of bacteria present in your body. Lactic acid bacteria, the little guys in your kimchi or kraut, encourage the growth of other beneficial bacteria.


Have I convinced you that you need to start a fermentation station of your own now? Good! All you need is a jar, some veggies, water, and salt.

Happy Fermenting!