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How Do I Feed Ruby & Tonks?

Many of you have come into the store and asked me what food I give Ruby while you're shopping around for something new, and I've probably made quick mention of her allergies and that I feed her a raw diet. That's usually the extent of it, as we move on to choosing a kibble for your dog, but I thought it was worth a more in depth explanation for anyone who's curious...

Quick Disclaimer: As you read on, please know that I fully understand that the diet I provide for my pets is not an option for many, if not most, families. It is time consuming and expensive, compared to a kibble, or even canned, diet. I am so fortunate to have a career that affords me the time and resources I need to support my pets in this way; and as my husband and I do not have human children, Ruby & Tonks are our #1 household priority. Furthermore, I want you all to know that I take all of my animal nutrition knowledge, beliefs, and practices into consideration with every kibble and canned food I recommend through Divide Feed. My overall goal is to help you provide the best nutrition possible to your pets, in a way that best suits your individual lives and situations.

the what

Ruby Roo is on a primarily fresh/frozen raw food diet. Once in a while she gets some canned or freeze dried raw food; if I forget to thaw her breakfast, or as supper. We balance her diet over time to ensure she gets the proper amounts of muscle, organ, and bone content; this means that not every single meal will have the proper ratios of such, but they work out over the course of the week.

Ruby’s Raw:

-Steve's Real Food prey model patties

-Primal Pet Foods canine formulas in beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, duck, quail, and sardine

-GreenTripe.com 100% Green Tripe, Tripe with Trachea, & whole raw tracheas

-organ meats: beef heart, beef liver, beef tongue, beef spleen, duck hearts, etc...

-raw wild caught sardines

-Raw Dog Food and Company rabbit with fur, duck, lamb, beef, yak, & other blends

-raw meaty bones (completely consumed): turkey necks, duck necks, duck feet

-recreational bones: beef knuckles, beef femur slices

-raw eggs

-fresh fruits & veggies

Ruby’s Freeze Dried & Canned:

-Steve's Real Food Freeze Dried Nuggets

-Sojos Complete Freeze Dried Formulas

-Lotus Canned Foods

Ruby’s Supplements:

-green lipped mussel powder (joint health)

-milk thistle (liver health)

-spirulina (immune health)

-Earth Buddy CBDs (inflammation)

-golden paste (inflammation)

-raw goat’s milk

-bone broth

-fermented fish stock

Our cat, Tonks, is now a completely raw fed cat. It took about a year and a lot of conviction to completely change her diet (read more about that here) but it was well worth it.

Tonks’ Raw:

-Lotus frozen raw cat food

-Steve's Real Food "Quest" feline formulas

-Primal Pet Foods feline formulas

-GreenTripe.com Tiger’s Choice: a fine grind of beef heart, liver, & green tripe

-raw wild caught sardines

-Raw Dog Food and Company Phat Kat: chicken meat, hearts, liver, bone, gizzards

Tonks’ Supplements:

-Earth Buddy CBDs (inflammation)

-golden paste (inflammation)

the how

Now that we’ve gone over the actual foods I feed my pets, let’s talk about how I feed them. Sundays are a big day for our kitchen: food is thawed, chopped, mixed, weighed, and sorted. It takes pretty much all day. I make and re-freeze a whole week’s worth of food at once, so first I decide which proteins to use and pull them out of the freezer. Chubs are easy, I just partially thaw those and weigh out the proper amounts for each day and put it into each day’s container, whole muscle and organ pieces require some chopping up, but it’s basically the same process. Next I add tripe, and/or fish until I reach the required weight in each container (both Ruby and Tonks eat about 2% of their body weights each day). Then, I add the freezable supplements, put on lids, and transfer the containers back into their freezer. Like I said, all this happens on Sundays, then each day there’s a little more we have to do. Tonks eats twice a day, separate from Roo and never at quite the same time so she doesn’t start getting screamy when “feeding time” rolls around. Ruby eats breakfast every day, and sometimes supper, but most days she skips supper for a fast to help clear her digestive tract and keep everything moving nicely.

Breakfast: I empty Ruby’s prepped container into her dish, add an egg, any supplements that can’t be frozen, pupsicles (goat milk, bone broth, fermented fish stock), and/or meaty bones. Then I take the next day’s breakfast out of the freezer and transfer it into the fridge to slowly and completely thaw. Then at a random point in the morning, Tonks gets her breakfast. Generally there isn’t anything to add to it, but every once in a while she gets some minnows or something fun.

Supper: When Roo does get supper, it’s made up of her “special” foods: canned, freeze dried raw (rehydrated), bones, or breakfast food if I mixed up too much on Sunday. Then at a random point before bed, Tonks gets her supper.

*** On weekends, Ruby gets extras, like a whole raw beef trachea, turkey and duck necks, or fresh recreational bones. These are pretty messy, so she eats them in the kitchen or outside and we don’t feed them before work, only on afternoons when we have plenty of time to clean up.

the why

Roo is allergic to a lot of the ingredients and preservatives used in kibbles, so keeping her happy and healthy on a dry food diet was not doable: she had itchy skin, a dull coat, and an upset tummy at times. We learned about raw feeding pretty soon after we adopted her (she's our first dog ever, I didn't even have one as a kid) through talking to our veterinarian, and researching ways we could make her more comfortable. First, we experimented in supplementing her kibble with raw for some time before we felt confident taking the plunge and creating a fully balanced raw diet for her. At this point Tonk's was eating a primarily kibble diet, supplemented with raw and canned foods, but once we decided to go all in for Ruby, it seemed silly to not do so for her as well. (Again, you can read more about her journey here.) So, really, this is all thanks to Ruby's sensitive constitution.

Whew, that was a lot! I sure do hope it was informative and gave you some insight into Ruby Roo and her little sister's routines, and maybe even some inspiration for your four legged family members! As always, you can find me at the store all day Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays; or you can email me at lara.dividefeed@gmail.com with any questions, or just to chat about your dog or cat's nutritional needs.


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