• Lara Rose

Big News for Your Pets!

I've got big news: I'm a certified pet nutritionist! Cool right?! But what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that I've spent a lot of hours and dollars reading, researching, studying, and test taking in order to learn how to give my pets, and yours, the best foods to support their best possible lives.

Am I a veterinarian? Absolutely not. That would take way more hours and dollars than I have to spend. So while I cannot diagnose your pets with any diseases or conditions, I can offer advice on how to feed them in a way that can help prevent nutritionally based ailments from happening in the first place. And I can work with you on a feeding plan that will alleviate symptoms from preexisting diagnoses from your veterinarian. Simply put, I can help interpret your vet's advice and translate that into a useful and affordable diet.

If you're looking to enhance, change, or supplement your pet's diet, I would love to help you do so! You can find me at the store all day Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays; or you can email me at lara.dividefeed@gmail.com with any questions, or just to chat about your dog or cat's feeding needs.


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