• Lara Rose

Friendly Goats & Happy Rabbits - the benefits of Chaffhaye as told by a happy customer

“My experience with the Chaffhaye that I got at Divide Feed is that my goats have at least doubled in size without their appetites doing the same. Their mentality has changed from being standoffish to at least tolerant of being pet. The amount of milk we get has at least doubled, if not more than doubled, and has stayed consistent without much fluctuation due to weather, etc. Even on cool, rainy nights they seem to stay warmer, or at least don’t stir as much.

My rabbits, chickens, and ducks all have seemed to take to Chaffhaye as well. The chickens and ducks seem to just enjoy it as something extra with their diet, and they seem more excitable around feeding time. The rabbits have become a little more animated and much healthier. Their coats are shinier and they are a bit more docile as well.

These are the things I’ve seen change over the last few weeks of using Chaffhaye, and I highly recommend it to anyone with livestock.”

Michael King

Florissant, CO

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