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What is it?

The Divide Feeding Program is a completely customizable mash system of beet pulp pellets, alfalfa pellets, brans, top dressings, and supplements that we have developed over years of research, veterinary consultations, and feeding trials with our own horses and horses under our care. We have had the privilege of seeing horses young and old thrive on this program: from weanlings just beginning their journeys, to rescues in rehabilitation, to golden oldies with a handful of teeth that can’t quite handle hay anymore, to their healthy herdmates. Please do fill out the form, or inquire at the store, if you’d like us to develop a personalized feeding program for your horse or herd.


Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly with additional questions to get your program started.


Hi,  I'm  Lara!

Part of my job here at Divide Feed is making sure we're providing the best possible nutrition for all the animals whose humans shop with us. This process starts with research (lots and lots of research) through university classes, certification courses, and conversations with veterinarians and feed manufacturers. Then, I take all that information, and use it to make decisions about what brands and products to carry in the store. And then, I can use all that information, our line up of feed, and conversations with you to help keep your animals happy & healthy.


Am I a veterinarian? No, I am not. So, while I will not diagnose your pets with any diseases or conditions, I can offer advice on how to feed them in a way that can help prevent nutritionally based ailments from happening in the first place. And I can work with you on a feeding plan that will alleviate symptoms from preexisting diagnoses from your veterinarian. Simply put, I can help interpret your vet's advice and translate that into a useful and affordable diet.


If you're looking to enhance, change, or supplement your dog's or cat's (or heck, even your tortoise's) diet, I would love to help you do so! Come on in to the store Monday-Thursday mornings, or any time on Saturdays to chat, email me (, or head on over to CareFul Pet Nutrition for more in depth services.

Need Help with Livestock?

We carry a wide variety of feed stuffs for all your ranch animals. Feel free to stop in for advice any time, or fill out the form below if you'd like to chat with us from home. We're happy to answer any of your questions, and if we can't, we'll point you in the right direction for the answer.


Lara is available to create a custom feed program (starting, maintenance, and/or finishing) for your small livestock operations; chickens, swine, goats, cattle, and more, just ask. We'll work with you to create a program that fits your needs and budget. Stop in, or contact us to get started.