Our Hay Selection

Updated 11/23/20

Please note, we receive new semi loads of hay weekly, so this information is subject to change.

Lyman Alfalfa 3rd Cutting

     small bales:  68# average weight - OUT (new load coming in after the holiday and this week's weather events)

Walden North Park Grass Mix (no alfalfa)

     small bales: 72# average weight - $14.50

IMPORTANT NOTE ON LARGE SQUARE & ROUND BALES: During inclement weather (snow, rain, high winds, etc...) we reserve the right to keep our hay tarps closed. We do make every attempt to have these bales ready in the barn for pickup, but please be aware that the particular bale you're after may be unavailable. While of course we want to sell all the hay we have, this policy helps us prevent damage to said hay, as well as accidents involving our employees and equipment. Safety and having clean, dry, not-moldy hay are top priorities here at Divide Feed. If you're concerned about availability during a snow storm, or rain storm, or wind storm, please do call the store and inquire, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Clark Meadow/Brome/Timothy * sold as is *

     BIG bales: 3x3x8 - 695# average weight - $130.00

Rock Springs Grass/ALFALFA Mix * sold as is *

     BIG bales: 3x3x8 - 832# average weight - $130.00

Walden North Park Grass Mix (no alfalfa) * sold as is *

     BIG bales: 3x4x8 - 1050# average weight - $190.00

CRP Cow Hay  * sold as is *

     ROUND bales: 1631# average weight - OUT

Barley Straw

     small bales for bedding:  $8.00

     small bales for mulching or insulation: $5.00


     50# bag: $15.50


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