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Equine Specific Feed - Purina Equine, Wellsolve, Strategy, Impact, Omolene, Manna Pro, Equipride, Equilix, Max-e-Glo, and more...

Livestock Feed - Beet Pulp (pellets, shreds with and without molasses), Alfalfa (cubes, pellets), Timothy pellets, Corn (whole, cracked, flaked), Oats (whole, rolled), Barley (whole, flaked), Whole Wheat, Sweet Mixes, Minerals & Salt, Specific Feeds for Goats, Pigs, & Sheep, Range Cake, and more...

Poultry Feed - Purina, Ranchway (loyalty card!), Easy Feed Organic by Ranch-Way (loyalty card!)

Birdseed - Little Wings, Wagners, 40# Whole Sunflower Seeds, Nature's Cafe, Wild Delight, Suet, Whole Raw Peanuts, Blocks, Feeders, and more...

Dog Food - Dry - Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Diamond Naturals, Diamond Care, Canidae, Precise,

                             Fromme, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Nutro, Natural Balance, Royal Canin, and more...

                  - Canned - Tripett, Taste of the Wild, Evanger's, Natural Balance, Merrick, and more..

Cat Food - Dry - Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Precise, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Natural Balance,

                            Exclusive, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and more...

                 - Canned - Weruva, Precise, Earthborn, Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Blue Buffalo

Small Animal, Reptile, & Fish Supplies - feed, bulbs, anitbiotics, vet care, CRICKETS!

Veterinary Care & Supplements for Horses, Livestock, Dogs, Cats, Poultry, including CBD oil droppers!

Huge Selection of Treats for all your critters, including CBD treats!

And so much more, including but not limited to: Horse Tack, Hay Bags, Tank Heaters, Boots, Gloves, Apparel, Pest Control, Soggy Doggy, Pet Toys, Kitty Litter, Grass Seed, and Local Beef, Lamb, & Pork! Please come on in to the store or give us a call at 719-687-8708 if you have any questions or don't see what you need here.

We happily take Special Orders!

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