The Divide Feeding Program is a completely customizable mash system of beet pulp pellets, alfalfa pellets, brans, top dressings, and supplements that we have developed over years of research, veterinary consultations, and feeding trials with our own horses and horses under our care. We have had the privilege of seeing horses young and old thrive on this program: from weanlings just beginning their journeys, to rescues in rehabilitation, to golden oldies with a handful of teeth that can’t quite handle hay anymore, to their healthy herdmates. Please do fill out the following form if you’d like us to develop a personalized feeding program for your horse or herd.

Equine Nutrition Questionnaire

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Can you commit to a soaked mash feeding program? Soaking is an absolute requirement as the ingredients that make up the mash are unsafe to feed dry.

Thank you for filling out this form. Please give me some time to review your story, and do some research. I'll be in touch soon! -Lara

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