We Deliver!

Whether you need 15 bales or 150, or even just 1 big bale, we deliver the hay, feed, and supplies you need to the Teller County area, as well as surrounding areas on a per case basis.


If you have a delivery account, simply give us a call to get on the schedule; and if we've never delivered to you before,

here's how to get set up:

1. Come on into the store so we can chat and take down the information we

need to put together a quote. At this time, we'll discuss your delivery

needs and property details.


2. Nathan will look over this information ASAP, we'll put together your quote,

and then get a hold of you to set up your delivery account.


3. If you need a delivery imminently, we'll put you on the list. If not,

and you're just trying to be extra prepared, great! You'll be all set up when

you do need that first delivery.

4. Once you're on the list, Lara will contact you on the following Monday to

schedule your delivery.



- We only deliver dry hay, so we do not drive during weather events

(rain included).


- Public roadways must be clear and safe all the way from the store to your property. We will of course consult with you, as you know the roads to your home best, but we reserve the right to make the final decision.


- Property driveways and roads must be maintained all the way to the hay's final destination - plowed with enough melt that dirt is showing. Neither of our delivery trucks will be off-roading into unsafe areas, or up icy, slippery drives. Failure to alert us to poor conditions prior to delivery will result in the suspension of your delivery account during the winter season.

​Additional Info:

- Deliveries are scheduled for the week following your order.


- Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


- Deliveries are weather and ground/road condition permitting.


- In some cases, it may be necessary for you to be home for the delivery. This depends on your property, animals,

and personal preference.


- Delivery fees vary by location, accessibility, and product being delivered. Stacking fees may apply. This will all be discussed and agreed upon before delivery is made.


- We cannot offer same day deliveries. Please be prepared to give us advance notice of at least a week, but keep in mind that that we make deliveries on a first come, first serve basis and wait times may be longer depending on demand. When you contact us, we will put you on the delivery list, and Lara will contact you on the following Monday to schedule.

- We do not do deliveries on weeks of major holidays.

- Please be mindful of the fact that we are a feed store that offers delivery as a service to our customers; we are not a dedicated delivery service. Things such as store activity, weather, and family affairs do take precedence over deliveries.

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