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Divide Feed’s 2021 Chick Days!

Last year’s chick buying season was intense, to say the least; the demand for chicks was so high that we, other small feed stores, and even the hatcheries struggled to keep up with it. So this year, we’ve revamped and streamlined our chick buying process: We’ll be getting lots of 100 or so chicks every couple weeks from the end of March through May. No need to call ahead or get your name on a list, just stop in and pick up the chicks you need whenever is best for you.


Our chicks this year will be sold on a first come first serve basis, and we’ll be updating this page (down below) & our facebook with arrival times and availability all the way through the season. Make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out!

As far as breeds, we’ve taken great care to choose ones that we know do well up here: Easter Egger, Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, & Buff Orpington, Black Sex Link, and Cinnamon Queen. All of these birds winter well, are built well for the altitude, and make great laying hens. These chicks will be sexed pullets from Privett Hatchery, who have a 90% sexing accuracy guarantee.


(1/9) the first batch of chicks is scheduled to arrive Friday March 26th


(3/26) Today's delivery has been delayed - the chicks did not follow their intended travel itinerary. We're working on tracking them down and getting them here safely.

We're hopeful for a Saturday morning arrival. Stay tuned.

(3/27) the chicks have arrived safe and sound

(3/30) We've still got plenty of healthy, active chicks in stock !

(4/5) The chicks have left the building. No more in stock. 

(5/15) We'll have more chicks back in stock next week, most likely Wednesday May 19th.

(5/19) Chicks are here! (sexed pullets, no straight run)

- 2-3 week old Black Sex Links (feathered out)

- week old Rhode Island Reds

- days old Cinnamon Queens (RIR x Silver Laced Wyandotte)

(5/20) Black Sex Links are sold out

(5/22) Rhode Island Reds are sold out

Still have Cinnamon Queens in stock

(5/24) The chicks have left the building. No more in stock.